Transform your ABA practice and unlock its full potential with confidence

Dynamic platform with features like data collection, reporting, graphing, compliance alerts, billing, and payroll.

Hex Matrix

Simplify operations and costs with ABA Matrix for solo practitioners, small, and large clinics

A centralized platform with solutions tailored to streamline workflows and accommodate your practice’s unique needs, ensuring flexible and scalable pricing while delivering optimal care.

Advanced solutions to ease your workflow

Scheduling & calendar

Data collection

Custom data graphing

Monthly Reports

Billing & payroll


Focus on the growth of your patients while we focus on the growth of your behavioral therapy center

Whether you are a solo practitioner, a startup owner, or an enterprise clinic director, ABA Matrix is constantly creating solutions that help you deliver personalized care for your patients. At ABA Matrix, we are committed to providing our clients with intuitive tools and exceptional customer support so that your time is fully invested in supporting individuals to reach their full potential.

Technology tools that suit your ABA practitioner’s needs

Let’s start working together to transform your practice with our secure HIPAA-complaint platform

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