2023 Reflections and 2024 Innovations at ABA Matrix

As we’re nearing the culmination of a year marked by growth, we pause to reflect and express gratitude for the strides, accomplishments, valuable partnerships, and meaningful connections forged throughout 2023. From doubling the number of active users on our ABA practice management tech platform to helping our clients streamline assessment processes and reducing time spent, we are extremely thrilled to conclude this year and step into 2024 by celebrating milestones achieved alongside our clients, users, and partners.

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Innovations Highlights of 2023: Our Contribution

In 2023, technology made big strides in many industries, including ABA Therapy. At ABA Matrix, we listen to our clients and cater to their unique needs. Thanks to their great feedback, we developed and introduced four major new tools and improvements to our ABA practice management software:

  • Billing updates: Users can now get a comprehensive overview of their billing at a glance. With the improvements in our billing tool, users can easily access all facets of billing within our platform, such as tracking payments made by insurance and viewing statistics on pending payments.
  • Customizable dashboards: When we say ABA Matrix caters to the unique needs of solo practitioners and small to large clinics, we mean it. Our platform allows users to customize their dashboards according to their needs and requirements. Whether a solo practitioner prefers a simple view of weekly appointments and completed visits or a clinic director needs a more robust dashboard with an overview of their staff’s progress, claims, and payment tracking, our ABA Therapy software management delivers. Additionally, these customized dashboards can easily be downloaded as Excel reports if needed.
  • Smart Alerts: Gone are the days when to-do notifications were forgotten and remembered the day they were due. Our Smart Alert feature ensures that users receive constant reminders for pending activities and documents that are soon to expire. The ABA Matrix platform will persistently remind users until the necessary action is taken so that users can stay compliant on a daily basis.
  • Real-time data graphing: No more waiting for a session to end to see your data in action. Our graphs are now generated in real-time as users enter data into the platform. Enhanced with accompanying statistics and percentages, this feature reinforces informed decision-making. Perfect for weekly and monthly reports, it provides aggregated data and graphing for specific date ranges.
  • Report summary powered by AI: At ABA Matrix, we are all about striving for efficiency so you can spend more time with your clients. Our AI-driven tool automates monthly report generation based on the information entered via daily logs and notes. It provides therapists with a proposed monthly summary, significantly reducing the time spent compiling information for monthly reports.

Connecting And Exchanging Ideas With Our Community

Community engagement was a big focus for us at ABA Matrix. We embrace the importance of getting together and listening to our fellow professionals and their individual needs in the ABA Therapy field. From vibrant Southeastern cities to the dynamic Southwest in Denver, we met incredible like-minded individuals with whom we shared ideas on how to move the ABA Therapy field forward.

Florida Association for Behavior Analysis FABA

We kicked off our 2023 at CASP, The Council of Autism Service Providers, in Tampa, FL– a non-profit organization supporting and advocating for best practices in autism services. We were also honored to participate in the 49th annual convention of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, ABAI, in Denver, CO– an organization at the forefront of advancing the science, application, philosophy, and teaching of behavior analysis. Lastly, we wrapped up our conference attendance with the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, FABA, the largest organization in the US committed to promoting and supporting behavior analysis.  

Ready For An Exciting 2024

Reflecting on a year of significant growth in 2023, we extend gratitude to our valuable clients, incredible partners, our awesome team, and the community. As we step into 2024, we are already hard at work on exciting enhancements to our ABA practice management tech platform.

Some of the upcoming features include expanding our calendar and scheduling tool, which will facilitate clinics to manage staff meetings and recurring events, view room availability within their facilities, and even get a complete overview of what the schedule looks like for your entire clinic. We are also particularly excited to launch an integration with ADP works to streamline the payroll process for clinics. Other platform enhancements to be launched in 2024 will be allowing users to work offline via our mobile app, mirroring the experience on a browser, and an improved data collection tool with enhanced measurement systems.

As we approach 2024 with the same enthusiasm as we worked this year, our commitment to enhancing our platform and supporting the ABA Therapy community remains steadfast. May this upcoming year be great for everyone contributing to improving the ABA Therapy industry.