About Us

Strengthening your practice while you focus on enhancing the lives of your patients

ABA Matrix was developed to magnify the impact of behavioral therapists in supporting individuals to live exceptional lives.

We know the challenges that practitioners and clinics face in order to deliver the best care for their patients. Between scheduling and billing insurance companies to supervising and monitoring their patients’ progress, it can be challenging to streamline their operations to focus on what really matters: their patients.

To help you focus on your patients while we focus on your practice growth, we created ABA Matrix. Our technology platform offers a suite of customizable tools that centralize and simplify operations, freeing up valuable time and resources for RBTs, BCaBAs, BCBAs and Clinic Directors to invest in enhancing the quality of therapy for their patients. 

Whether you are a solo practitioner, small agency, or enterprise clinic, our end-to-end solution is designed to scale and enhance your unique needs so that you can focus on growing your practice and fueling your patients’ lives.

Our commitment to security

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