Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to more time for what you do best –helping your patients achieve their goals

Our intuitive tech platform provides the efficiency and transparency needed to streamline processes, maximizing the growth of your practice, regardless of its size.

Solo Practitioners

Make the most out of your time with your patients. Our platform provides tools to help you keep track of your patients with automated reports so that you spend time where it’s valued. With an user-friendly interface and features like scheduling and calendars, ABA Matrix simplifies your administrative tasks while you prioritize delivering quality care.

Startup ABA Practice

Boost your clinic and your team’s growth while scaling your agency. ABA Matrix suite offers intuitive tools to support the constant growth of your agency. From data management to reporting and medical billing, ABA Matrix’s solutions are built to ensure that RBTs , BCaBA and BCBAs strive while contributing to the agency’s growth.

Large Clinics

Streamline your practice operations to boost productivity. For large agencies and agencies with multiple locations, ABA Matrix provides cloud-based technology with standardized and customized features that fit each clinic’s unique structural approach and will bring productivity gains. Centralize data, reporting, billing, resource management, and more, in a one-stop HIPAA compliant platform.

Scheduling & calendar

Data collection

Customized tools

Daily progress notes

Reporting with custom dashboards

Multi-location support

Custom data graphing

Staff supervision and evaluation logs

Cloud-based automated reporting

User-friendly platform

Billing reports

Billing & payroll

Transform your operations and elevate patient care with our customizable end-to-end solution

Centralize and simplify your operations so you have time to enhance the quality of the treatment for your patients.

Administrative Management

Operate your appointments and avoid the frustration of double bookings and scheduling conflicts as a solo practitioner. Centralize staff management so you can better administer your time and service more clients efficiently for startups and large agencies. Our scheduling tool makes organizing a breeze with a user-friendly calendar interface and advanced conflict detection to prevent overlapping appointments. Streamline your agency’s operations and time to efficiently serve more clients and unlock your practice’s growth potential.

Calendar System

Overlapping Avoidance

Scheduling Rules

Client’s PA unit tracking

Electronic Visit Verification System

Clinical Performance

Intake, track, and report accurate data to determine the best treatments for your patients consistently. Our HIPPA compliant platform provides interactive dashboards with actionable insights to help you analyze your patient’s progress.

Daily Notes & Data Collection

Progress Notes Revisions

Customizable ABA Data Graphs

Caregiver Competency Evaluations

AI-powered STO checking

Monthly Reports & Assessments

Excellence Provider

Deliver high-quality care tailored to the unique needs of each patient while meeting supervision requirements and improving collaboration. Track and document the activities of RBTs and BCaBAs and set compliance alerts to ensure they are providing evidence-based intervention and adhering to ethical guidelines as per compliance. 

RBT and BCaBA Supervisions

Auto-generated Supervision Monitoring Log

Supervision Compliance Alerts

RBT Competencies Evaluations

Profit Driver

Streamline the billing process with one-click billing. With our ABA billing tool, you can rest assured that your claims are accurately generated, ensuring timely payment. Review hours, submit claims, and track payments while scaling the profitability of your practice.

Bill services to payers

Generate Billing Reports

Generate Payroll Reports & Paystubs

Financial Reports

Organizational Development

Handle all employees documents from one place. From assigning rates to tracking and keeping all your staff’s functions, our cloud-based platform with integrated electronic document file system centralizes all human resources operations in one place.

Employee required document list

Employee credentials tracking and alerts

Smart Document Filing System with unlimited storage

Manage fees and pay rates

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