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When conducting an assessment for a client, it involves a thorough examination of their skills and behaviors. This requires gathering information from various common and structured settings at different times, which can be very tedious and prone to error if the analyst doesn’t have the right data collection technology. The assessment is crucial to recommend the number of treatment hours needed, create an individualized treatment plan, also known as a Behavior Intervention Plan, and to start therapy as soon as possible.

Pen and paper assessments slow down workflows and cost money

Clients’ reassessments with over five months of data, using pen and paper, are time-consuming and prone to human error, which in some cases can cause the reviewer to reject the client’s treatment plan and force analysts to resubmit it as many times as necessary. 

It also “goes back to the money aspect because the companies are paying BCBAs a lot of money, and that’s not really a billable hour, so they can’t get that money back from insurance. But you need those graphs because you need to report that to the insurance,” said a BCBA and former clinical director from Atlanta in a focus group that ABA Matrix conducted at the beginning of this year.

ABA Matrix can help you improve your assessment accuracy

aba matrix reassessment
The ABA Matrix Assessment feature uses data entered into the system by the RBTs and analysts.

When accessing the Assessment tool, the analyst won’t need to manually retrieve some of the client’s information because it will already be available in the system. For example, data that has been collected in the ABA Matrix system by the RBTs, will be automatically populated in the relevant sections within the assessment. This will save time, and reduce the risk of errors and rejections as the analyst won’t need to re-enter information that is already available.

According to Ernesto Prieto, Co-Founder of ABA Matrix, “The Assessment feature saves time and reduces errors, giving ABA professionals more time to focus on therapy.”

The assessment feature offers other various advantages, including error notifications if any required fields are left blank, which ensures compliance with agency requirements and the ability to customize, add, or remove sections as needed.

By simplifying documentation and reducing errors, analysts can concentrate on their primary objective: delivering the best possible care. The ABA Matrix assessment tool assures accuracy and guarantees that your clients receive the necessary treatment in a timely way. Are you ready to make a difference in delivering the best possible care to your clients? 

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